Our gelato is completely made from scratch, without the use of any artificial flavours, colours or premixes. All our gelato is gluten-free, and our sorbettos are completely vegan as well. Over 120 flavours, custom creations available.


Waffle cones, cups, spoons, scoops, signage or anything else you may require for the perfect dessert experience.

Frozen Desserts

From authentic Tiramisu to gelato-cakes, we offer a wide range of frozen desserts to serve in your restaurant or event. Custom orders available.

Our Gelato

All our gelato is made completely from scratch. We completely avoid the use of any artificial flavours, colours and premixes.

We currently produce over 140 flavours, and frequently add more to the list. If you’d like to get a list of our flavours, or would like to request a custom one, please get in touch.

Vegan Options

We offer a wide range of creamy vegan gelato, as well as all our sorbettos being completely vegan.

All Natural Ingredients

Free of any artificial flavours, colours or premixes.


All our gelati and sorbettos are completely free of any gluten.

Our Cakes

We offer a variety of cakes, from our handmade Tiramisu cake to our Black Forest gelato-cakes.

All our regular cakes are simply Thaw-N-Serve, while our gelato cakes are built to last as a beautiful display for any occasion.

International Distribution

Our products are listed within Canada with SYSCO and other distributors. For information about which products are available in your region, please contact your local sales rep.

Direct Sales

Are you in need of custom flavours or immediate delivery? If you are in the Edmonton area, we can deliver to you directly! We have over 120 custom flavours available, and can create a wide range of custom flavours specific to your restaurant.

Freezer Program

We offer an extensive freezer program to anyone interested in selling our gelato. Freezers are available in various sizes and a variety of designs to match your store. They come with either a tub-sized insert or single-servings insert, and are sure to catch the attention of your customers. For more information, please contact us.

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