About Us

Our Story

One day a good friend asked me “What makes you jump out of bed every morning?” 
And there was silence. – WOW ! That was a question I couldn’t answer.

And it was in that moment when I realized I had to make some changes.

I learnt the trade of gelato making 30 years ago back in Germany from an elder Italian gelatiere. He taught me all the secrets and what is needed to make the best tasting gelato with foods that are pure and natural. I absolutely embraced this art of creating endless possibilities of flavors.

But, as it often happens,  life had other plans and I got stuck in a very different job. Time passed, and our family with two boys decided to emigrate to Canada. A journey that we never regretted as we loved people and country from the very first moment.

And then there was still this question: What makes you jump out of bed…

I started to think about the possibility of making gelato for a living.  I had never found a gelato here that was on par with the European kind.  But would it work? Would people love my creations?
My family strongly encouraged me to follow my passion. And then, only two months later, I had a sales trailer ready, and a small gelato kitchen with a used batch freezer.
We opened at the St Albert Farmers Market in June of 2015.  It was a cold and rainy day but we launched DaVinci Gelato much to the delight of the few brave customers who tried our gelato. The feedback was tremendous.

From that very day the success of DaVinci Gelato was unstoppable. We had gone from a small trailer summer business to become a nationally distributed gelato vendor in only one year.
We now supply to franchises like Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, Sorrentino’s as well as many individual restaurants, cafes, hospitals and other food service providers.

With our new line-up of retail gelato pints we are now hitting the shelves of major grocery chains. Our pallet ranges from dairy to non-dairy and plant-based flavors. And I am continuously working on new creations and future projects.

But no matter how big our production has grown from the beginning – our gelato is still made the way I learnt it 30 years ago back in Europe. With whole food ingredients and fresh fruit. Because this is all you need for the best tasting gelato.

And now – our whole family knows why we are jumping out of bed every morning.

To provide you with our best products which reflect our love of Canada, our love of family and community, our work ethic and our absolute commitment to fresh, natural and delicious ingredients.

Maybe ask yourself… What makes you jump out of bed every morning?


Why our Green Apple Gelato is Not Green - Our Philosophy

When you cut a green apple open how does it look on the inside? – Yes, it’s white. It has a green peel but this is not enough to tone a gelato green. So the natural color of the gelato would stay white.

We at DaVinci Gelato believe that it is essential to your well-being of how you nourish your body.

As we still follow the ways of traditional gelato making there is absolutely no need of using fake ingredients like concentrates, super-sprints, artificial aromas and colors. Why would you use those? Because it is cheaper.

We all need to step back to find out what real food tastes like. And to realize that nature gives us enough natural coloring to satisfy our senses.

Even a small ingredient like certain artificial colors can have an impact and cause allergies. And it is our commitment that we don’t want to feed this to our customers, especially not their children.

In our gelato we only put whole food ingredients like real fruit, Belgian chocolate, cocoa powder, fresh mint leaves, spices, whole milk and heavy cream and real nuts, like Pistachio or Hazelnut.

We go the extra mile and source Vanilla beans all over the world to make our own in-house vanilla paste.

All our products are gluten-free and egg-free and we have a wide variety of plant-based and diary-free flavors as well.

You need to decide which quality treat you are choosing for yourself.
And maybe it is time to